Sidney Crosby repeatedly shoved P.K. Subban's head into the ice during Game 5

BY Pete Blackburn • June 8, 2017

Sidney Crosby and P.K. Subban have built up quite the little rivalry during this year's Stanley Cup Final. After the whole stinky breath saga in Nashville, Crosby and Subban had another odd incident during Thursday night's Game 5 in Pittsburgh.

Late in the first period, Crosby and Subban mixed it up in a battle behind the Pittsburgh net that ultimately resulted in Crosby on top of Subban, repeatedly pushing Subban's head into the ice while the defenseman clung onto Crosby's leg. It was a very weird scene, and it almost looked like Crosby was giving the world's worst CPR lesson.

Maybe the weirdest part of all, though, is that the official standing just a few feet away did nothing to stop it. The whistle was only blown once Subban got up and retaliated against Crosby, resulting in matching minor holding penalties. It seems awfully unjust that the Predators didn't get a penalty out of that whole ordeal.

Regardless, it appears Subban continues to get under the skin of Pittsburgh's stars. Not only has he ticked off Sid multiple times but he also dropped the gloves with Evgeni Malkin earlier in the series.

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