Sharks goalie attempts to score on empty net, instantly regrets it

BY Pete Blackburn • January 17, 2017

Hockey goalies don't have too many opportunities to get on the scoresheet and score a goal themselves, so I can't really blame them for going for it when they get a rare chance. Unfortunately for Sharks netminder Martin Jones,  his recent try went about as poorly as it could have.

Late in San Jose's victory over the Jets on Monday, Jones had the puck with a vacated Winnipeg net at the other end. He decided he was going to take a shot at throwing the puck down the ice and see if he could hit the empty net.

Instead, Jones' shot attempt was knocked down by Jets forward Mark Scheifele, who gathered the loose puck and scored an easy goal of his own. What a backfire for the Sharks goalie.

The silver lining here is that San Jose had a comfortable three-goal lead and there wasn't much time left on the clock, so Jones' blunder didn't really have much of an impact on the outcome. He'll probably err on the side of caution and stay in his lane next time, though.

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