Penguins coach Mike Sullivan gets ejected after chirping at referees in Ottawa

BY Pete Blackburn • January 13, 2017

Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan didn't have a great night at the office on Thursday. Not only did his Pens fall to the Senators, 4-1, but late in the game Sullivan was sent to the showers early. (Do coaches shower after games? Don't take my word for it.)

Sullivan apparently wasn't thrilled with the officiating after a goaltender interference call and, with a few minutes left in the game, he let the stripes hear it. Play was stopped after the officials had heard enough and Sullivan was ejected. You don't see that too often in today's NHL.

After the game, Sullivan briefly addressed being tossed.

“I was probably a little bit surprised, but it is what it is,” Sullivan said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “That’s between the refs and the coaches, and that’s where it will stay.”

The loss marked the first time the Penguins have lost consecutive games in regulation in over a calendar year.