New York Islanders Daily: The Case For John Tavares

BY Fansided and Matt O'Leary/FanSided via Eyes On Isles • December 29, 2016

Some writers have been hard on the New York Islanders captain this year, but I’m here to make the case for John Tavares’ 2016 season.

In today’s long-form from Jeff Capellini he was critical of the Islanders star John Tavares. His main point was that Tavares has to be the player that he was in the playoffs this past year in order for the Islanders to succeed.

Tavares is on pace for just 59 points this year which is well off expectations for him. Capellini says that the lack of an elite linemate is just an excuse and that he has to elevate the players around him.

To me, that’s not an excuse, it’s a reality. John Tavares would  be a better player if he had a legit elite player next to him.

    As good as Josh Bailey has played this year, he is not a first line talent. Andrew Ladd was brought in here to play alongside Tavares but he struggled his way out of that spot before his recent hot streak.

    Thus starting the usual revolving door linemates for JT. How is he expected to build chemistry with someone when it changes so frequently.

    Although I understand the frustration of not having your star player produce, I think it’s a bit naive to forget the circumstances of the struggle. This is not the same team from this past April, the roster has taken a step back which is why it seems like Tavares has taken a step back as well.

    Capellini says “maybe the Isles should at least be cautious about the idea of throwing the kitchen sink at him this summer.” I wholeheartedly disagree. Pay him whatever it takes and figure it out from there. That’s the best way to approach this.

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