Linesman hit by Wideman is out for season with concussion

Published Mar. 12, 2016 1:03 p.m. EST

The NHL Officials Association says Don Henderson, the linesman knocked to the ice by Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman in January, is still recovering from the concussion he suffered and is out for the season.

In a statement emailed to The Associated Press by a league spokesman, the NHLOA says it ''strongly disagrees'' with the decision by an independent arbitrator to reduce Wideman's suspension from 20 games to 10. Arbitrator James Oldham made that ruling Friday.

The NHLOA says, ''The message in reducing the suspension that is sent to NHL players, as well as athletes all over the world, including children, is that the code of conduct towards officials has changed.'' It adds that the association intends to take steps to protect officials and ensure such an incident doesn't happen again.