Kevin Spacey shows up behind mask at Panthers' 'Spacey in Space night'

Published Mar. 20, 2016 7:23 a.m. EDT

You know when you stand between two mirrors and have the reflection of a reflection of a reflection thing going on? Saturday night must have been a little like that for Kevin Spacey.

The "House of Cards" star, whose mug has also become a cultural phenomen for the Florida Panthers this season, showed up for the team's "Spacey in Space Night" on Saturday -- wearing one of the infamous sweatshirts and hiding behind a Kevin Spacey mask.

He pops out from behind the mask in the video above in a surreal scene, considering everyone else had masks bearing his face too.

The added star-power didn't help the Panthers though. They fell to the Detroit Red Wings, 5-3.


Maybe Spacey should have busted out the custom Fetty Wap Panthers jersey he showed off earlier this week instead.