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Is comedian the LA Kings' No. 1 fan?
National Hockey League

Is comedian the LA Kings' No. 1 fan?

Published Jun. 7, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET

Comedian Adam Carolla visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in full Los Angeles Kings gear — pads, jersey, helmet and rollerblades — to show support for his "favorite" team.

He entered the studio, stick and towel in hand, then sat in a comfy chair to talk hockey with his longtime chum.

"You know I'm a big Kings fan, Jimmy," Carolla said Wednesday night. "Go Kings!"

Kimmel was surprised by his friend's newfound fandom.


"It's weird, because whenever we'd work together on the radio, I'd go to Kings games all the time, and you really never came with me," Kimmel said.

"I was always talking about the Kings," Carolla responded. "I'm not one of those bandwagon guys. Hell to the no, Jimmy. I've been a King-natic, I call it, for many years."

Then Carolla told a story about his father buying season tickets and taking little Adam to games. One problem — the Kings' home, the Staples Center, opened in 1999.

Jimmy quizzed Adam on the identity of Kings player No .32, the name on the back of Carolla's jersey. He tried to peek behind him, to no avail, before throwing out some made-up names.

"Guy . . . Guy Robitussin? Kobe?"

No, not Kobe — it is Jonathan Quick, the team's goaltender.

Carolla tried to redeem himself by spraying his face with a water bottle.

"That was unnecessary," Kimmel said. "Yeah," Carolla replied.

To Adam's dismay, his "favorite" team lost 3-1 Wednesday night to the New Jersey Devils.


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