Fans in Winnipeg have hilarious plan to 'welcome' Evander Kane back

BY foxsports • January 8, 2016

Former Winnipeg Jet Evander Kane is not exactly expecting a warm welcome from Jets fans when he returns to Winnipeg with his new team Sunday. Kane, who was traded to the Buffalo Sabres last February, did not leave Winnipeg on good terms.

Kane had been asking for a trade out of Winnipeg every year for the four years he played in Manitoba, and rumors circulated before his departure last February that Kane refused to play at times, violated the team's dress code by showing up to a team event in a tracksuit rather than dress clothes, and reportedly had run-ins with teammates. One report claimed Dustin Byfuglien tossed the offending tracksuit in the shower in order to make a statement to Kane. It's no surprise, then, that Kane seems to know what he's in for on Sunday afternoon.

Via The Buffalo News

Preparations among fans in Manitoba are already underway for Kane's return, as fans created a hashtag campaign on Twitter called #TrackSuitNight (in reference to Kane's dress code violation) to share how they are preparing for Kane's return. While very few people seem interested in cheering for Kane, there were a variety of opinions on how best to treat his return to Winnipeg. 

It appears that Sunday's game will be quite the scene. 



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