Russell Wilson: God spoke to me after Super Bowl-losing INT

July 7, 2015

By Mike Cole

Russell Wilson undoubtedly will have plenty of options when his NFL playing days are done, and preacher might be at the top of the list.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is extremely religious, so much so, that he says he speaks to the big guy himself on a regular basis. During arecent speaking speaking function at The Rock Church in San Diego, Wilson said he spoke with God in the moments after throwing a Super Bowl-ending interception against the New England Patriots.

“The play happens, and they pick the ball off. And I take three steps,” Wilson told pastor Miles McPherson and a large crowd Sunday. “And on the third step God says to me, ‘I’m using you. … I want to see how you respond. But most importantly I want them to see how you respond.”


Wilson also did nothing to squash the notion he might try to play professional baseball at some point, too. He played at NC State and was drafted, but obviously things have worked out pretty well on the gridiron. When asked which sport he preferred, he answered “Both,” before being asked if he’d ever try to play both.

“I have no idea,” he said, per “I believe if anybody could do it, I could. And I believe God’s put me — gave me the ability to do it. I’ve done it my whole life.”

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