Ravens TE Dennis Pitta re-injures hip that caused him to miss most of three seasons

BY Dan Graf • June 2, 2017

Update: Dennis Pitta's injury is as serious as feared, according to reports.




Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta’s return from two serious hip operations to have his best season was one of the NFL’s most inspiring stories of 2016, but he suffered a setback Friday when he re-injured the hip.


According to the Ravens' website, he fell trying to stretch for a catch and tried to get up but couldn't put weight on his leg.

Pitta, 31, had a career-high 86 catches for 729 yards in 2016 after missing 2015 entirely and playing just seven games in 2013 and 2014 combined.


He dislocated and fractured his right hip during 2013 training camp and injured the same hip again in the first month of the 2014 season. He didn’t return to the field for almost two full years.

“There were doctors that suggested I should quit,” Pitta recalled at the start of last season. “There were friends and family — looking out for my best interest and my health — who wanted me to just be smart about it.”

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