PHOTO: Tom Brady impostor runs marathon while juggling deflated footballs

November 1, 2015

The New York City Marathon came just one day after Halloween, but this guy didn't let it stop him from dressing up as Tom Brady.

Not only did he sport a Brady jersey, but he wore a paper mask and juggled deflated footballs en route to the finish line, too. He may not have won the race, but he won the hearts of many.

Being able to run a marathon with a paper mask over your face is impressive enough, but juggling footballs -- deflated ones, to be exact -- is on a different level. This guy deserves a tip of the hat from everyone.

This isn't the first time he's ran a marathon in this fashion, either. He's been spotted in similar attire at marathons in Minnesota, Illinois, and Ohio, according to Bleacher Report and Twitter. He's also not the only person to rock a Deflategate-themed costume. This kid did too, and he wore it well.