NOW asks for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to resign

BY James Parziale • September 10, 2014

While the microscope is still on the fallout from Ray Rice, the heat seems to be shifting to Roger Goodell and how he handled the situation from the start.

The NFL commissioner is in full damage-control mode after this week, which saw a new, graphic video leaked that led to the Ravens releasing Rice and the NFL suspending him indefinitely.

Goodell originally issued a two-game suspension in July after seeing the first casino elevator video from the February incident, which did not show Rice punching his now-wife, Janay. The new video did, which on Monday created the firestorm.

Critics are ripping Goodell’s handling of the situation, and Wednesday the National Organization for Women called for his resignation. Here is a part of NOW’s statement:

After issuing the two-game suspension to Rice in July, Goodell faced criticism and changed the NFL’s policy for domestic abuse. A first offense will cost a player a minimum of six games, while a second would lead to a lifetime ban.

Goodell admitted he erred with the original suspension, but now he's feeling even more heat.

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