Help from the heavens? Cloud shaped like Pats logo appears before game

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 12:22 p.m. ET

For 15 years, fans around the NFL have wondered how Tom Brady and Bill Belichick do it. A hardly regarded prospect out of Michigan taken No. 199 overall, a coach with a 36-44 career record before drafting him, teaming up to win a dozen division titles, six conference championships and four Super Bowls, all en route to becoming the most successful coach-QB tandem in NFL history.

A deal with the devil? Don’t ask a Jets fan that question. Teaming up with the Dark Side? It’s certainly a working theory for many. Divine intervention, perhaps?

While the final one of those may be the least believable, it now may be the one with the most proof. Check out what apparently showed up in the skies above Boston on Thursday afternoon, shortly before the Patriots’ home game against the Dolphins that night:

The Patriots logo in the clouds? You can’t make this stuff up. Of course, you can Photoshop these kinds of things, so this may just be a rouse by a devoted Pats fan. And others would argue that’s not the Patriots logo, but rather an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Ultimately, it is likely only The Force knows what’s going on with that cloud. But one thing we do know here on earth? The Patriots blew up the Dolphins a la Luke Skywalker and the Death Star, 36-7.

H/t: The Score