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Duo Debate

January 30

Name a more productive duo – we'll wait.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have their hands full trying to slow down the dynamic twosome of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and wide receiver Tyreek Hill in Super Bowl LV.

The two have shined brightly in the 2020 postseason, as Hill has racked up 17 catches for 282 yards and Kelce has snagged 21 passes for 227 yards and three scores.

Kelce and Hill have been at the center of Kansas City's offensive attack since 2016, and now, the question must be asked: Where do they stack up among the all-time great receiving tandems?

Nick Wright might be a Chiefs superfan, but he has a point: The duo is becoming more iconic as the weeks go by.

On Friday, Wright laid out a few other incredible receiving duos in NFL history and where Kelce and Hill stack up in comparison.

Let's dive in, beginning with Kelce and Hill:

Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill

Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Quarterback: Patrick Mahomes
Stats (2017-2020): 799 receptions, 11,144 yards, 86 receiving touchdowns, one Super Bowl

Nick's take: "Are Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill the best pass-catching duo in NFL history? 'Nick, you're a prisoner of the moment! Nick, you're a Chiefs homer! Nick, that is an outrageous question!' Is it?"

Let's look at the best duos ever.

1. Lynn Swann (WR) and John Stallworth (WR)

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Quarterback: Terry Bradshaw
Stats (1977-81): 513 receptions, 8,839 receiving yards, 77 receiving touchdowns, two Super Bowls
Hall of Fame: Swann (2001), Stallworth (2002)

Nick's take: "Obviously, Hill and Kelce have the better numbers, but that's not fair because it was such a different era ... So right now, you could argue Swann and Stallworth are ahead – but barely."

2. Marvin Harrison (WR) and Reggie Wayne (WR)

Team: Indianapolis Colts
Quarterback: Peyton Manning
Stats (2003-06): 766 receptions, 10,641 receiving yards, 90 receiving touchdowns, one Super Bowl
Hall of Fame: Harrison (2016)

Nick's take: "These guys were unreal individually, but their peaks only overlapped by, really, four seasons ... Hill and Kelce have them nipped in yards, nipped in touchdowns. They're tied in Super Bowls, but again, that could change in nine days."

3. Randy Moss (WR) and Cris Carter (WR)

Team: Minnesota Vikings
Quarterbacks: Randall Cunningham and Daunte Culpepper
Stats (1998-2001): 703 receptions, 10,799 receiving yards, 103 receiving touchdowns
Hall of Fame: Carter (2013), Moss (2018)

Nick's take: "That's the one I think that everyone goes to, and they were elite together for four seasons. ... Those touchdown numbers are off the charts – the yards, amazingly, Hill and Kelce have them beat. Those guys never got to a Super Bowl. These guys are on their second one."

4. Torry Holt (WR) and Isaac Bruce (WR)

Team: St. Louis Rams
Quarterback: Kurt Warner
Stats (1999-2006): 1,378 receptions, 20,777 receiving yards, 123 receiving touchdowns, one Super Bowl
Hall of Fame: Bruce (2020)

Nick's take: "The gold standard because of their production and longevity is Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce. Those numbers are unbelievable, but that's over eight years."

Check out Wright's entire breakdown below: 

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