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Colin Cowherd's Hollywood movie posters for 2021 NFL Draft QB prospects

April 25

The NFL's blockbuster event is drawing near.

Beginning Thursday, the league will roll out the red carpet, and college football's brightest stars will don the flashiest of suits as they wait for their names to be called on NFL Draft night.

As with any marquee event, the draft deserves fanfare, and Colin Cowherd took it upon himself to develop Hollywood movie posters for the five quarterback prospects expected to go in the first round.

Let's see what Cowherd cooked up:

The QB: Trevor Lawrence
The Movie: "The Natural"

What Colin said: "This was a pretty easy one for us. This was the first one that we came up with. ... The arm, the size, the personality, the demeanor, the hair – he looks like a star quarterback. The maturity – he just got married. He’s been in the spotlight for years – never a problem. Trevor Lawrence is 'The Natural.'"

The QB: Zach Wilson
The Movie: "Titanic"

What Colin said: "The Jets have been an iceberg for a lot of people. There is a ‘wow’ factor that everyone is talking about ... but they have drafted five quarterbacks. The last five, none have worked. One has worked ever: Joe Namath is the only first-round quarterback. There is talent, there's ‘wow' factor, there's buzz – but it worries me."

The QB: Trey Lance
The Movie: "Good Will Hunting"

What Colin said: "Trey Lance is interesting. People that have met him brag about him. Super smart. Huge ceiling. We just don't know much about Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Is the movie poster for Trey Lance, 'Good Will Hunting?' We didn't know who Damon was. We didn't know who Ben was. We didn't know anything. We hadn't really seen them in anything. Then 20 years later, they are legends. This is what we say about Trey Lance. People are saying – that I trust – his ceiling is no lower than Trevor Lawrence's. Mature, big, capable. We just don't know enough about him yet."

The QB: Justin Fields
The movie: "Iron Man"

What Colin said: "Remember when Robert Downey was cast in superhero movies? He had a checkered past. Nobody knew if he was family-friendly. Is he a superhero? Everybody loves Robert Downey, 'Iron Man.' The critics never love superhero movies, but if you ask Ohio State fans, they love him. If you ask fans in the media, they love him. ... Justin Fields is 'Iron Man.' I think he's gonna be a hit. There's a Robert Downey quality, where there are a lot of questions about this and that and this, but in the end, I think we are going to look up and go, 'Yeah, it's a perfect fit. Of course that guy is a good NFL quarterback.'"

The QB: Mac Jones
The movie: "A Beautiful Mind"

What Colin said: "They say he's the smartest player of all time. Mac Jones, 4.0 at Alabama. Three years and graduated. Honestly, it's becoming iconic and legendary. He sees things that others don't. It's the beautiful mind."

Check out Colin's entire breakdown below: 

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