What did LeBron REALLY mean about Steph and the MVP? Jay & Dan know

May 13, 2016

Nothing LeBron James says (or does on social media) goes unexamined these days, so his comments about the definition of "valuable", which came after Steph Curry won the MVP unanimously this week, were bound to be scrutinized.

FOX Sports' Dieter Kurtenbach wrote, "Whatever LeBron was trying to get at with his comments, he failed to articulate his argument well enough to merit anything other than scrutiny."

We can wonder if LeBron was trying to throw shade all we want, but Jay & Dan know there's only one way to be sure: closed captions.

To be fair, LeBron isn't the only one who needs the closed captioning treatment. Curry's MVP acceptance speech seemed so humble and gracious ... until the captions were applied.