Watch Dirk Nowitzki's incredibly awkward golf swing and awesome reaction

BY foxsports • October 15, 2015

As you probably already know, Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki is extraordinarily tall. 

Nowitzki is 7-feet tall with incredibly lanky arms, so naturally, watching him swing a golf club is an adventure. Like watching a baby giraffe walk for the first time.

Check out this vine of Nowitzki taking a hack at a drive with a hilarious swing, and make sure you turn your volume up.

Boom! I hope he does that after every single swing. Regardless of whether or not he makes contact. 

And here's hoping that when he does finally decide to hang up his sneakers and stop playing basketball, we get a foursome of Dirk, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and Bill Murray. Sure, Jordan would win, but that's probably the best possible result for everyone. 

Yeah, like you wouldn't watch that? 

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