Jason Smith doesn't care about his terrible dancing

BY foxsports • March 5, 2015

You know when you go to a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah or even a birthday party and there's that one guy who is just an awful dancer, but he doesn't care? He probably has a couple too many drinks in him, keeps sweating all over everyone else on the dance floor and bounces off the walls like a superball, but he's perfectly secure in his actions. Dancing Man (that's what we're naming him, apparently) has one mission: He wants to dance. What would his identity be otherwise?

Every once in a while, we'll look at Dancing Man and think, "Boy, if I just had his confidence paired with Usher's skills, I'd be amazing out there." 

Well, apparently the New York Knicks' Jason Smith doesn't need a wedding or Bar Mitzvah or birthday party to excude Dancing Man. He's just like that all the time, and the Knicks want the world to know, posting this video on the actual Internet a couple days ago (h/t to NBC's ProBasketballTalk):

How socially uncomfortable does a situation have to be for Smith not to dance? Would he do it during a stern Derek Fisher postgame speech? How about after barging into an MSG board meeting uninvited? Or at his own team's ever-depressing funeral once the season ends?

Smith hasn't had a tremendous year during his first season in New York, but maybe he has a second career in sticking around the city and reviving the Copacabana. Barry Manilow and Pat Cooper would greatly appreciate the favor.

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