Glen 'Big Baby' Davis tells his version of the Matt Barnes-Rihanna story

BY foxsports • August 20, 2015

Glen Davis has seriously been making the media rounds lately, and by no surprise, he keeps getting asked about the Matt Barnes-Rihanna fiasco. And what a time that's been.

Big Baby went on ESPN's "His and Hers" with Jemele Hill and Michael Smith on Wednesday and had some thoughts on Barnes vs. Rihanna:

“I don’t agree with Rihanna. Matt Barnes is an honest, standup guy…He really knows her. He knows her. He knows her,” he said. “He’s not lying about that. Why would he lie about that? He’s a grown man. Why would he lie about that? We know Rihanna is Rihanna, why would you lie about that?”

He continued.

“She has her reasons…But you have a relationship where you guys know each other. Don’t bash him. I wouldn't do that to somebody I text and that I know. Kudos to Matt.”

Barnes insinuated on a TMZ video recently that his texting relationship with Rihanna had become more than a crush. She proceeded to turn down those rumors in the most aggressive way possible on Instagram. In the end, who cares? This is weird.

(h/t Enstarz for the find)

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