Cavaliers trade Joe Harris to the Orlando Magic

BY Brett Pollakoff • January 12, 2016

The Cavaliers have traded Joe Harris to the Orlando Magic, the team announced on Tuesday via official release. 

There were future second round picks involved, too, but those picks -- a 2020 second rounder from the Blazers that would go to Cleveland, and a 2017 second rounder from the Kings that would go to Orlando -- likely won't end up trading hands because they're so heavily-protected.

The Cavaliers will save money on their luxury tax bill (which is astronomical this season), and the move will open up an additional roster spot -- one that could be key in getting some real talent added to the mix later in the season. 

Harris, who underwent season-ending foot surgery on Tuesday, will be waived by the Magic. He appeared in just five games for the Cavaliers this season. 

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