Watch Eriksen score a gorgeous early goal for Denmark

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What a goal!

ANNOUNCER 1: Jergensen, nice layup, Eriksen smashes it in. Denmark, an early opener. The talisman, Christian Eriksen has given them a 1-0 lead in the seventh minute.


ANNOUNCER 2: Well, you need class, he has in abundance. Watch his movement. Watch him anticipate where the ball's coming. He's there, he's on the front foot, and before you can get set, Matthew Ryan, it's in the back of net. Watch the technique. He just dips that shoulder and he fizzes that into the back of the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: No chance for Matthew Ryan. A wonderful take by Christian Eriksen for his 23rd international goal for the Danes.

ANNOUNCER 2: He just oozes class.