Alexi Lalas: ‘This is exactly what Russia needed’ against Saudi Arabia

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What does Russia's 5-0 win over Saudi Arabia mean going forward? Alexi Lalas, Guus Hiddink and Moisés Muñoz discuss with Rob Stone.

- What should Russia as a team and a nation expect with this huge 5-0 win?

- Well, it's unexpected high win. I think they were pessimistic. Now they can change to too much optimism. But they can resolve it already in the second game. They have, Egypt has now a lot to do in tomorrow's game. Because it can be solved tomorrow. If Russia wins the Egypt game, it's already over.

- Goal differential, man.

- Yeah.

- They recognized it and they capitalized on let's be honest, an absolutely horrible Saudi Arabia in this performance today. They weren't winning anything in the air. They weren't winning any second balls. And the amount of unforced errors, just giving the ball away easily so many times. And Russia ate it up. This is exactly what Russia needed. This is exactly what the country needed. This is probably exactly what Mr. Putin needed also.

- Yeah.

- Juan Antonio Pizzi had six months probably to try to get this Saudi Arabian team in shape. He couldn't do it. And Saudi Arabia suffered today, pretty much more than what they were supposed to.