Watch James Milner’s embarrassing own-goal off his face | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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James Milner scores unfortunate own goal off his face against Roma.

COMMENTATOR 1: This Liverpool team do. They just needed that one opportunity.

COMMENTATOR 2: Good touch by Florenzi to start this. El Shaarawy back in the middle and pinged around. That is as strange an own goal as you will see. And is that the moment that gives Roma some life? Off the back of Milner's head, it looked like. Back to square one for Roma. They need three more. 15 minutes gone, are we in for one of those strange nights?

COMMENTATOR 1: Well as we see, James Milner knows absolutely nothing about this. It's just cleared off of his head by Lovren, is put back into a danger area by El Shaarawy. Lovren just kicks it off him. Milner's five yards from--