Top 5 Cristiano Ronaldo goals in the UEFA Champions League

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Alexi Lalas, Warren Barton and Rob Stone break down Ronaldo's greatest UEFA Champions League goals.

ANNOUNCER 1: The three of us are looking at top five list.

WARREN BARTON: Yeah, five.

ANNOUNCER 1: So here's number five, versus Manchester United, '08-'09 semis.

ALEXI LALAS: All right. All right.

WARREN BARTON: Yeah, we'll give you that.

ALEXI LALAS: We will give you that one. There's-- and you're going to go better than this, because this is in the top two or three for me.

WARREN BARTON: Well, it wasn't against Arsenal.

ALEXI LALAS: That's true.

ANNOUNCER 1: Galatasaray, group stage, 2013-14. Some nice footwork here.

WARREN BARTON: I remember this one. Little step-over 1, 2, 3. Left foot.

ALEXI LALAS: That's pretty good.

WARREN BARTON: I like that

ALEXI LALAS: I like the other one better.

WARREN BARTON: But that's the normal for him, isn't it?

ALEXI LALAS: I like the other one better, so a little disagreement.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is old school Ronaldo, almost.

ALEXI LALAS: I would have put this one at five, and five at four, but OK.

ANNOUNCER 1: All right, this time, versus Schalke.

WARREN BARTON: I like this one.

ANNOUNCER 1: Same season, second leg, round of 16.

WARREN BARTON: 27 step-overs here.

ALEXI LALAS: Oh my goodness.

WARREN BARTON: Oh, the whole stadium went over at one poi-- went backwards. He has got 650 goals, so we've got a few to choose from.

ALEXI LALAS: That's a better step-over than the previous step-over was.

ANNOUNCER 1: This is a time with the Red Devils, taking on Porto, the '08-'09 quarters.

WARREN BARTON: What a strike this was, from distance.





ALEXI LALAS: It's still go-- yeah, look at this.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's still picking up speed.


WARREN BARTON: It landed tonight.

ANNOUNCER 1: So that's number two.

WARREN BARTON: Wow. What's number one?

ANNOUNCER 1: We have a new number one, everybody.

ALEXI LALAS: Uh-oh. Here we go.

ANNOUNCER 1: Just a few days ago.

ALEXI LALAS: All right.

WARREN BARTON: I see. He's gone with the obvious.


ANNOUNCER 1: It's deserved, don't you guys agree?

WARREN BARTON: No. There's no doubt.

ALEXI LALAS: This will be iconic for him. This will be shown-- when they can only pick a couple, this is definitely going to be--

ANNOUNCER 1: I love, post-game, Gigi coming up to Ronaldo, and the two of them had this wonderful little conversation about absolute respect.

WARREN BARTON: And he's done against him, so it's not just an average goalkeeper he's done it against.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's not like Warren Barton's in goal or something, right?

ALEXI LALAS: All right, well done--


ANNOUNCER 1: So a good five, but--

ALEXI LALAS: A little disagreement here, but that's not unexpected.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's the beauty of this sport, the beauty of things like this. But our production crew is so smart, so savvy, so knowledgeable. They knew that Mr. Barton would have a beef-- that a couple would be left out.

WARREN BARTON: Yeah, well, you've got it-- I think we get so caught up in his strikes and his free kicks, he is one of the best headers of the ball as well. I was lucky enough to be at these games in the final here. Far post, big moment, big goal, gets on the scoresheet. But this is even better, when he was in the Bernabeu against his old team.

ALEXI LALAS: This also takes into account the context.

WARREN BARTON: --final. But watch this. Lee, look at the height and the hangtime. He's like MJ.

ALEXI LALAS: Come on, Warren, you could do this.

WARREN BARTON: No, I couldn't.

ALEXI LALAS: Yeah, you could.

WARREN BARTON: You've never seen me play-- not like that. But that's why I put him in. What are you laughing about? I've seen you play at Colgate. Them little legs running around.

ANNOUNCER 1: Come on. Again? You're going to come after my legs?


ANNOUNCER 1: I'm injured, man. I'm playing hurt.

WARREN BARTON: Oh, and don't we know about it?

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, I know.