90′ in 90″ Manchester City vs. Liverpool | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of action from the second leg between Manchester City and Liverpool in just 90 seconds.

- Will it be a repeat of that history? Will Liverpool get back toward the European summit? Or can Manchester City pull off one of the biggest turnarounds in Champions League history? A game that Pep Guardiola said going in he hope is going to be giving them a left. Here it is for Sterling. Gabriel Jesus is in the middle. It's a dream start! It is a perfect start! Two minutes on the board for Man City! One goal closer to Liverpool! Well, they're looking for Sane's run. Karius there with the [INAUDIBLE]. It's loose in front! It's in! But--

- Decide if this is offside or not. Sane. And Karius makes the wrong decision to try and come and get this one. And then the deflection off of-- came off of Jesus.

- This is the moment after the first half whistle. Pep Guardiola barking at the Spanish official Antonio Mateu Lahoz. And you see him pointing up and talking to Pep. He has dismissed Pep, essentially sending him to the stands.

- As we see Pep Guardiola taking his position up in the stands. Mohamed Salah, Sadia Mane running to his right. Mane got around La Porte, contact from Fernandinho. And [INAUDIBLE] clearly, Mohamed Salah! 39th goal all competitions this season. The hammer blow, the away goal for Liverpool! Mohamed Salah, might get another look at it. Here is Firmino. Picks it off [INAUDIBLE] foot, or is he going to take it himself? Head off the post!

- Puts him in, and he doesn't make a decision. Tries to force the ball through the middle. And then Mo Salah , Fernandinho has to be careful of two on Liverpool. Goodnight.