Cristiano Ronaldo scores twice, including an epic bicycle kick | 90′ in 90″: Juventus vs. Real Madrid | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Catch all 90 minutes of action between Juventus and Real Madrid in just 90 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 1: Will Real Madrid continue their march trying to become the first team in four decades to win three straight European cups, or could Juventus do as they did three years ago in the semifinal? That time it knocked them out. Underway--

Able split in now. Isco running in. Got a cross. And again Ronaldo stabbing at it! He has scored in every game of his career against Juventus! He has set a new all-time Champions League record, 10 straight games in the competition with a goal. It is a dream start for Real Madrid.

--send in his free kick into a dangerous area. What a recovery! Keylor Navas, what a save!

ANNOUNCER 2: What to save from the Costa Rican.

ANNOUNCER 1: And god, that's dangerous. That is really dangerous. As Chiellini came back there. Buffon couldn't get to it. Ronaldo resetting into the middle. And a save from Buffon on Vasquez. Carvahal picks it up. Looking to clip through the middle. Ronaldo!

ANNOUNCER 2: What a strike! Sensational from Ronaldo.

ANNOUNCER 1: --first player in the modern record books to get a 50th hat trick against Girona just before the international break. He's going to be unselfish for Marcelo this time, who has a tap-in! 3-0, Real Madrid.

ANNOUNCER 2: --Marcelo. We see these runs forward from him, getting into the attack, keeping his feet moving. Just such a clever run, and the timing of the pass. And you think Ronaldo might shape up--

ANNOUNCER 1: Say what you want about these guys in La Liga, but nobody can touch them in Europe.