Cristiano Ronaldo scores an absolutely incredible, must-see bicycle kick | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Cristiano Ronaldo scores amazing bicycle kick to make it 2-0 against Juventus.

JOHN STRONG: Trying to find Dybala. And god, that's dangerous. That is really dangerous, as Chiellini came back there.

Buffon couldn't get to it. Ronaldo resetting into the middle, and a save from Buffon off Vázquez! Carvajal picks it up.

Looking to clip into the middle, Ronaldo! Is that the killer blow in the quarterfinal!

STUART HOLDEN: Feast your eyes on this. Well, first you see the mistake from Chiellini and Buffon.

Ronaldo has the patience, sets it up, and then what a strike! Sensational from Ronaldo!

You won't see much better than this. Wow!

JOHN STRONG: And that's what we were hearing was the Juventus fans applauding Ronaldo. They were cursing him a few minutes ago. Even Zidane can't quite believe what he sees.

STUART HOLDEN: It's just outrageous, John. Time after time. And you want to