Rachel Bonnetta, Kay Madati thrilled with FOX Sports – Twitter FIFA World Cup partnership

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Kay Madati, head of content partnerships at Twitter, shares his excitement in bringing the seminal experience of the 2018 FIFA World Cup to the everyone through FOX Sports.

RACHEL BONNETTA: Please welcome my very special guest, Kay Madati, who is head of content at Twitter. First off, Kay, thank you for joining us and, also, thank you for our show on Twitter. We are so excited to go to Russia.

KAY MADATI: I am very excited that we got it done and that we're going to do great things.

RACHEL BONNETTA: I love it. So first off, I guess my question to you is why do you think Twitter is the ultimate place to go and take in a big sporting event like the World Cup.

KAY MADATI: Yeah. Anybody who uses Twitter on a regular basis knows that when things happen in the world, things happen in the moment, you can go to Twitter to find out and hear the conversation and the community around those issues. So we're super excited that we've come up with Fox Sports and with you and all the other people who are going to make this thing happen, and come up with an innovative and creative idea about how to bring the seminal experience of the World Cup to the world. And have it amplified across Twitter.

RACHEL BONNETTA: Absolutely. I love it. So a little bit about me. I spend every waking moment on Twitter. But it all started back in 2009. I was a broadcast journalism student and our teachers made us get a Twitter handle. And it was growing then, it was huge then. And it's just nonstop continued to grow. So in your opinion, what makes it one of the number one platforms for social media, if not number one?

KAY MADATI: Yeah. You know, I think Jack, our founder, says it perfectly. Twitter has always served this purpose to actually serve the public conversation. It's our mission to actually allow people and broadcasters, journalists, brands, companies to participate in conversation around the things that happen in the world and to have a voice. And I think that that utility doesn't go away. And then over the years, we're seen our user engagement grow and our global footprint expand, because we're able to continue to stay true to that kind of mission.

RACHEL BONNETTA: Yeah. I have to ask you this question. Do you have a team that you're cheering for in the World Cup?


RACHEL BONNETTA: I know it's hard. I know it's hard.

KAY MADATI: It's like choosing between your children. I am going to dodge the question.


KAY MADATI: --and just say it's always fun to watch Argentina, Brazil, or France play.


KAY MADATI: There are a few dark horses in there, like our friends from Nigeria or Egypt, you know.


KAY MADATI: Maybe even Belgium.

RACHEL BONNETTA: Mo Salah is going to be scoring a lot of goals for Egypt this summer, I'm sure.

KAY MADATI: Let's just say, I think the whole thing is going to be very exciting.

RACHEL BONNETTA: I love it. And what's the number one thing that you are looking forward to in Russia besides our Twitter show.

KAY MADATI: Listen. I think for us, for Twitter and the company, we delight in providing more experiences for our users. And more than anything, I want to see this partnership, this show, be on the tips of people's tongues and part of the conversation that happened happened across our platforms. So if that works and we can actually expand the fandom around the sport, expand the conversation around the sport, then I think we all win.

RACHEL BONNETTA: Awesome. Thank you so much Kay. And thank you for our show. We couldn't be happier to spending our summer with Twitter.

KAY MADATI: Excellent. Thank you.