This Paris Saint-Germain defender can’t stop scoring incredible goals

Paris Saint-Germain’s Thomas Meunier is basically Santa Claus. His go-to presents: golazos.

Remember when Meunier did this in the Champions League group stage this season? Of course you do. How can you forget?

Well, the Belgian full back was at it again on Wednesday, as PSG hosted FC Lorient in Ligue 1. With the game goalless in the 25th minute, Meunier got into the holiday spirit and showered the home fans with this wonderful gift.

Again, Meunier is a full back. Defenders aren’t supposed to score goals like this. Maybe that’s why haters called his goal against Basel a fluke, an “accidental” strike. Well, was this one an accident, too? A cheeky flick over one defender, then a perfect, dipping volley over the goalkeeper’s head?

If Meunier was playing 21 in basketball, he just “proved it.”