Everyone mocks Cristiano Ronaldo’s new goal celebration, including his own son

When Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick against crosstown rival Atlético Madrid on Saturday, the superstar unveiled a new goal celebration that took the internet by storm – and not in a good way.

While you can expect soccer fans around the world will take every opportunity to poke fun at Ronaldo, the jeers hit even closer to home.

Ronaldo's own son had a laugh at his dad's expense with his friends:

Maybe this will be enough to convince Ronaldo to go back to his traditional celebration of jumping into his signature power stance. We'll see.

Either way, Ronaldo seems to be in on the joke and, with a hat trick in the bag against a rival, he probably doesn't care what anyone has to say.


The boys make fun of me 😜😜😜

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