Tampa Bay finally gave us our first official look at Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in their Bucs uniforms

It was the jersey reveal heard ’round the world.

After months of anticipation, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers proudly released the official images of their brand new quarterback in his brand new threads this week.

Emphasis on “proudly.”

Hey, if we landed the GOAT, we would lay it on thick, too.

Brady, however, in classic Brady fashion, kept it simple.

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Social media was set ablaze by the photos, and Buccaneers linebacker Devin White offered his thoughts on Brady’s new outfit, while paying homage to the legendary 6-time Super Bowl champion quarterback.

Even Carson Daly and The Today Show were excited to get a glance at Brady – Gisele Bundchen’s husband in this case – on Tuesday.

“It’s the moment that every Patriots fan has been dreading … It’s very strange to see Brady in another team’s uniform after 20 seasons with the Pats.”

Daly also pointed out that of the thousands of comments on Brady’s Instagram post, featuring him in his new uniform, one rose to the top.

While this might be the first time the fans have seen Brady in a Bucs uniform, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a Brady Bucs jersey.

Once Brady announced he was making the move from New England to Tampa Bay on March 20, the Buccaneers merchandise began to fly off the shelves.

In fact, as of last month, Brady and Miami Dolphins rookie Tua Tagovailoa had taken over NFL jersey sales. Yes, you read that right.

Brady’s ascension to the top of the jersey sales charts came as a slight surprise to Skip Bayless, not specifically because of the sales numbers, but because of where the sales derived – the New England region.

“I am pleasantly shocked by this … What always happens when a star decides to leave a team and a city and area? The fans feel betrayed, they feel jilted, they feel spurned. What happened when LeBron left Cleveland to take his talents to South Beach? They burned his jersey … What has happened here is unprecedented. It’s another astounding achievement on the part of Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. – the GOAT. He is so beloved in New England that they’re saying, ‘We’re still with you, Tommy.'”

Speaking of New England, on Thursday, the Buccaneers were at it again with their other former New England Patriot.

Gronk – it’s your time to shine.

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New threads for @gronk 👀 (via @buccaneers)

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Brady, Gronkowski and the Bucs weren’t the only ones that had a jersey reveal in recent weeks. Several NFL squads have shared their new threads on social media, including Brady and Gronkowski’s former team.

Other franchises include the San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons.

So…do you have a favorite?

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