Is Rihanna toying with this poor NFL player’s heart?

Is it Monday? Cuz chhh.... #MCM


Imagine you’re Mychal Kendricks, the Philadelphia Eagles linebacker who just completed his second season and reportedly is scheduled to make more than a million dollars next season.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Now, imagine you’re Mychal Kendricks and you wake up to see the image above, live on the web.

That’s a picture of Kendricks, posted to Rihanna’s official Instagram page, with a caption ending "#MCM" — Man Crush Monday.

What would you do?

Well, he did the same thing. He reached out to the pop star. And apparently is getting the same response we would get, too.

In his interview with FOX 43 in Pennsylvania, Kendricks said, "I’ve been trying to reach her, but hey."

Apparently one of his teammates has his back. That was Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin advocating going for the gold regardless of, you know . . . "I don’t know what his situation is relationship-wise, so I hope I’m not disrespecting anybody but . . . it’s Rihanna."

But beware, Mychal Kendricks. You aren’t the first athlete to catch RiRi’s eye — how did that work out, Matt Kemp?

And it looks like she may have already moved on from you.

“#mcm Vince.” / posted Jan. 20

“Whoa it’s almost Tuesday…. #MCM #tomhardy” / posted Jan. 13

Good luck competing with Vince Vaughn and Bane.

H/t: TMZ