Buzz: More hot water for Incognito?

The allegations of racial abuse and bullying swirling around Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito took a stunning turn on Monday when details of a reported voice mail left for teammate Jonathan Martin were reported.

We know the Dolphins are taking it seriously. They’ve suspended Incognito indefinitely and coach Joe Philbin says the team has asked Roger Goodell to help with the probe. In fact, the Miami Herald is saying a team source insists Incognito will never suit up for the Dolphins again.

Meanwhile, Martin is reportedly undergoing therapy in California as he remains away from the team.

Now, while we’re still processing what may have gone down in Miami and the implications of Incognito’s alleged voice-mail threats to Martin, some other elements to the story are starting to crop up.

First up is a video posted on TMZ (Warning: Graphic language from a shirtless Incognito) that starts off with Incognito using a racial slur as he announces the presence of teammate Mike Pouncey in a South Florida bar before stomping around the bar and yelling semi-incoherently.

Again, graphic language is used in this video, but you can watch it here.

But another interesting story is floating around out there thanks to some impressive Internet sleuthing from Deadspin and the folks on FinHeaven, a popular Dolphins message board.

We obviously can’t say for sure, but it sure looks like Incognito’s dad, Richie Incognito Sr., is using an anonymous account to stick up for his little boy.

The account wishes a deadly disease on the Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland and Philbin, dismisses Martin and Mike Pouncey as drug users, claims Martin has tried repeatedly to commit suicide and cites the use of the N-word in rap music to deflect any criticism of Incognito using it.

None of this is likely to help Incognito’s case in the court of public opinion (or in any NFL disciplinary hearings for that matter) but it does leave one nagging question.

Shouldn’t a couple of guys named Incognito be a little better at keeping a low profile?

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