The city of Indianapolis is dedicating a whole week to Peyton Manning

Does he get a key to the city, though?

Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images

On Monday, Peyton Manning’s NFL career officially came to an end in Denver. If he decides to visit his old home in Indianapolis next, the city will be waiting with open arms.

As Manning held his farewell press conference, the mayor of Indianapolis officially declared this week to be "Peyton Manning Appreciation Week":

Manning played for the Colts for 13 seasons and holds franchise records in almost every passing category. He totaled 54,828 passing yards and 399 regular season touchdowns for Indy.

During his presser, Manning listed 14 of the things he’ll miss most about the NFL, ending his comments with one more call of his famous on-field catchphrase. That was just one of the many touching and unforgettable moments during the future Hall of Famer’s farewell.