Julio Jones Somehow Stays Inbounds For Unreal Catch in Super Bowl (Video)

Just because it’s the big stage of Super Bowl 51 doesn’t mean Atlanta Falcons star Julio Jones is going to stop making absurd catches.

The Atlanta Falcons aren’t a franchise with much Super Bowl experience. More than that, their roster is rife with players who had never been to the Big Game prior to Sunday. If you watched them in the first half against the New England Patriots, though, you may not have ever noticed. That was especially the case with star Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.

After the first few drives for each team were largely a feeling-out process, Jones and the Atlanta offense got going in a nice way. He came up with 40-plus yards receiving on the Falcons first touchdown drive of Super Bowl 51. However, it was on their second scoring drive where he made his biggest play of the half.

Quarterback Matt Ryan was pressured off of his right, thus forcing him to roll out to his left. He was looking downfield and waited until the last possible moment to make his throw. That throw went to Jones on the sideline, but looked like it might carry him out of bounds. Instead, the Alabama stud extended his body to get his hands on the ball while also somehow keeping his toes inbounds for the grab:

If this were anyone other than Julio Jones, I would say that’s just a mirage and not a real thing. For the Falcons wideout, though, those types of incredible plays are commonplace.

Even more incredible about this catch, though, is the injury Jones is playing through. The receiver will reportedly require surgery this offseason that’s relatively serious. Yet he’s still playing and obviously making plays in the process.

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