Watch how Isaiah Thomas gets his tooth knocked out in the Celtics’ Game 1 vs. the Wizards

The Boston Celtics and their star guard Isaiah Thomas both got hit in the mouth early in Game 1 against the Wizards on Sunday. The Celtics fell behind 16-0 in the opening minutes of the Eastern Conference semifinal game, but that wasn’t the biggest blow dealt in the first quarter.

As Boston’s All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas tried to defend Otto Porter, the Wizards forward inadvertently hit Thomas with an elbow to his mouth, knocking out one of his front teeth. Thomas calmly picked up the tooth from the Celtics’ parquet floor.

Though Thomas didn’t appear to be too happy with his new look, it didn’t affect his game. He hit three 3-pointer after losing the tooth, helping the Celtics claw back into the game.

Thomas’ toothless look didn’t last too long though, as the Celtics repositioned his tooth in the second quarter.

Thomas said after the Celtics’ 123-111 win that just talking is awkward.