Rajon Rondo reveals his unbeatable ‘Connect Four’ trap

The other night, Sacramento Kings guard Rajon Rondo was sitting around the NBA TV green room waiting to go on television to talk about the Raptors and Cavaliers.

Because that series has been completely lopsided, Rondo and others on the crew needed something to fix their boredom, so they broke out ‘Connect Four.’

Little did Isiah Thomas know, Rondo might well be a ‘Connect Four’ genius because his ninja mind can see moves before anyone else does. The game started innocently enough.

It took only a couple of turns before people knew Thomas was gonna get worked. "You can’t let Rondo go first," someone says.

Rondo deliberately closes in on his prey.

With his next move, he sets his trap.

Suddenly, Greg Anthony decides to chime in and tells Rondo, "I can get out of that."

Rondo responds incredulously, "Woah, woah, woah. You can get out of this? How many chips do you need? You cannot get out of this move."

"I can get out of that move in two chips," Anthony says.

"No, you would need three chips," Rondo says before finishing off Isiah.

Anthony then starts to tell Rondo what HE would have done if he were playing instead of Isiah, so then Rondo does the exact thing you’d expect him to do.

He starts rewinding the game by pulling chips back out so Anthony can prove it, and, well, you know how that went.