Report: Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer offering $1.8B for the Clippers

Clippers owner Donald Sterling and wife Shelly are looking at billion-dollar offers for the team.

Kirby Lee

Donald and Shelly Sterling are on the verge losing their prized Los Angeles Clippers.  They reportedly could have to settle for $1.8 billion to ease their pain.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has offered $1.8 billion to purchase the Clippers from the Sterlings, according to

Of course, the Sterlings are in a rush to sell off the team before the NBA holds a meeting that is expected to result in their ownership being terminated due to Donald Sterling’s racist comments that came to light via a TMZ report of taped conversations between the owner and his then-girlfriend V. Stiviano.

Forbes is reporting that Shelly Sterling, who is heading up the sale, will be following the route the Frank McCourt chose in selling the Los Angeles Dodgers, a blind auction.

At $1.8 billion, that price would be second to the Dodgers’ sale price of $2 billion. And this is for a franchise that has never won an NBA championship.

The Forbes story suggests that it is not improbable the price will break the $2 billion plateau.