One stat that shows how ridiculous Kawhi Leonard is on defense

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Kawhi Leonard is a cyborg. This is established fact.

Over the past five years, the San Antonio Spurs small forward has morphed from a defensive stopper to an all-around star and now a pick-and-roll monster capable of carrying an entire offense, and it’s become clear that we may never truly know exactly what Leonard’s actual ceiling is.

Because just when you think you’ve seen Kawhi’s pinnacle state, someone tosses out an absurd stat that’s enough to make a Sam Hinkie cry. But finally, after five years of watching the guy, I think I may have found the crown jewel of insane Kawhi stats:

Yep. In his entire career, Kawhi has stolen the ball more times in than he’s fouled other players.

It seems impossible, but it has happened, and I had to know: Has anyone else ever managed this feat?

The answer, as it turns out, is yes. The list is short and studded with Hall of Famers: Jason Kidd and Allen Iverson, to name a couple.

Obviously, this trend might not hold, and Kawhi very well could break from his standard operating paths and begin committing a human amount of fouls. But if he keeps the ratio in the ballpark of even, Leonard would look like no-brainer Hall of Fame candidate when it’s all said and done.

So there it is, the most patently absurd Kawhi Leonard stat of all. Until the next one.

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