OKC’s deadline deal should grab Golden State’s attention

The Oklahoma City Thunder entered Thursday’s trade deadline looking to solidify their shooting-guard position, mostly so they can be as flexible as possible for a potential playoff series against the Golden State Warriors. 

Mission accomplished. Sort of, anyway, as the Thunder acquired Randy Foye from the Nuggets for Steve Novak, D.J. Augustin, two second-round picks and cash considerations:

Foye is 32 years old and shooting below 30 percent from behind the 3-point line. He’s clawing through the worst season of his career, averaging 6 points with statistical lows across the board; his game is clearly in decline. 

(Wait, it gets worse! In nine seasons, Foye has appeared in only 11 playoff games, and they all happened four years ago as a member of the Los Angeles Clippers.)

Can he help the Thunder, though? Well, maybe. Foye’s a career 37-percent 3-point shooter who’s more versatile than Anthony Morrow, more reliable than Kyle Singler or Andre Roberson and smarter than Dion Waiters. 

Equally important: the Thunder shed some dead weight in this deal. Novak and Augustin were out of the rotation, and flipping them (along with two second-round picks) for someone who potentially can contribute in the playoffs is a plus. Foye’s contract is expiring, and the move also opens the door for general manager Sam Presti to work more magic in the weeks ahead:

This wasn’t a grand slam — far, far from it — but in the aggregate it makes a great team marginally better. When you have Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to carry the load, all you’re really looking for is more shooters to space the floor and not turn the ball over when they make the catch. Foye can fit that role. And with the Warriors looming far off in the distance, OKC can’t afford to leave any bullets in the chamber.