Kobe reveals his Celtics-themed favorite color before last Boston game

Kobe Bryant's favorite color is green.

Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images

To this day, Los Angeles Lakers legend Jerry West won’t visit Boston and hates the color green. So much so that he doesn’t own any green clothing

The rivalry between the Lakers and Boston Celtics is well documented. The NBA’s two most iconic franchises have matched up 12 times in the Finals, with Boston winning nine. The Celtics have 17 championships. The Lakers have 16. The Celtics have green. The Lakers have purple and gold. Neither side is fond of the other or their colors.

But with his final trip to Boston looming, Kobe Bryant decided to reveal an unusual fact about himself: His favorite color is green (via ESPN.com):

“It’s actually my favorite color,” Bryant said. “I don’t have green clothes. It’s tough to pull that off. [Former Lakers guard] Jerry [West] won’t even wear green drawers. He and I have talked about this before. He’s just allergic to green. It’s been my favorite color forever. I’m fine with green.”

How is that possible? How could arguably the most famous and successful Laker of all-time — a man who’s said he literally bleeds purple and gold — love the color of his archenemy? 

"I’ve always loved it," Bryant said. "It’s a little weird, isn’t it?"

A few days earlier, Bryant said there was something "different" about the Celtics’ green, that it "glows."

"There’s something about that [Celtics] green," Bryant told ESPN.com. "It’s a different green than any other green that’s in the world. It’s weird. It’s like that green glows. So I’m looking forward to competing there and being in that environment one more time."

Bryant never said he loved Celtics green, though, so for now we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and let him enjoy the sea of the green that will certainly swarm him during his final game in Boston on Wednesday.