It might be time for the King to finally adopt the Klaw’s approach

You’ve proved your point, LeBron.

It’s time to focus on the big prize.

LeBron James didn’t play against the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night. He sat out the contest with a load groin.

Sorry…sore management.


We were mixing it up with ‘load management.’

Chris Haynes was right. The Lakers didn’t need James.

Despite only leading by two at half, LA used a 40-point third quarter to beat the poop out of the Warriors at the Chase Center.

The Lakers are officially streaking.

And they’re having some fun while doing it.

But did you notice that guy on the bench?

If you can turn your attention away from the ice dripping, you’ll notice it’s James.

You’ll also notice he’s not wearing anything purple or gold.

Indeed, King James sat out on Thursday against the lowly Warriors, and of course, the conversation has now shifted to whether or not LeBron should actually sit out more games.

We would never advocate the game’s best players not playing.

But if LeBron is hoping to win a championship, he’ll need to be fresher.

To be more specific, he’ll need to be fresher than the other guy on the other team that plays its home games at STAPLES Center.

Happy Los Angeles GIF by LA Clippers - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yep! Him.

James – in his 17th year – has missed three of the Lakers’ 57 games this season. Kawhi Leonard – in his ninth year – has already missed 13 of the Clippers’ 58 games.

James has participated in six back-to-backs this season. Leonard has participated in none.

Kawhi – in his prime – is going to enter the playoffs rested and recharged. James – not in his prime – is going to enter the playoffs with respect, respect earned by honoring his responsibility to play every night.

But respect doesn’t win you championships.

Kawhi might not be earning the same respect that LeBron does for playing as much as possible.

And it’s possible that missing all those games will affect the Clippers’ team chemistry.

But that wasn’t the case last year when Leonard missed 22 games and Toronto still went on to win an NBA title.

It might not be time for King to go full Klaw, but the Lakers have 25 games left. Included in those 25 games are matchups with Brooklyn, Charlotte, Detroit, Washington, Cleveland, Minnesota, Golden State (again), Phoenix and Chicago.

I mean, he’s already proven the naysayers wrong in year 17.

What’s left to prove?

It’s coming down to the wire for the Lakers to follow in the footsteps of their in-town rivals and execute some ‘superstar management.’

Sounds a lot better than ‘load management,’ doesn’t it?