Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony: ‘When we win, it’s us. When we lose, it’s me’

Well that didn’t take long. Only two weeks removed from having the third-best record in the Eastern Conference, New York’s “Super Team” is having super problems.

And as the New York Knicks continue their tailspin — losing their last six games, including a devastating last-second defeat to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday — fingers are being pointed at the organization’s front office and roster personnel. In the middle of that spotlight is Carmelo Anthony.

New York City, often referred to as the Mecca of Basketball, is as passionate of a fan base as any in the world. And Anthony, despite his offensive brilliance, does not always find himself in the best standing amongst the fans. Particularly after he signed a gargantuan $124 million contract with the team in 2014 — that included a no-trade clause.

On Thursday, Anthony expanded on this sentiment to reporters. Via the North Jersey Record’s Steve Popper:

It is what it is. … Regardless of what happens when we win, it’s us. When we lose, it’s me.”

As for how Anthony plans on managing the Knicks’ free fall, which has echoes of the 2015-2016 season:

“We’re not going to let anything seep into this locker room as far as negativity,” Anthony said via the Record. “I don’t even want to think about last year or the year before, those situations. I know right now we’re not going to allow ourselves to get down, especially with the guys on this team. We know how to react to situations like this. So it’s just a matter of sometimes when things are not going your way they’re not going your way. We’ve got to figure out a way to get out of that.”

While there will certainly be some backlash from the fans regarding these words, just a reminder that Carmelo isn’t going anywhere — unless he chooses to do so.