Here’s even more evidence Kevin Durant has been lying about his height for years

Kevin Durant wants you to believe that he’s not seven feet tall.

In fact, Kevin Durant wants you to believe that he’s not even close. According to Durant’s official height, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s star free agent is 6-foot-9. No, really! His listed height is a full three inches short of 7 feet.

That, as we all know, is ludicrous. Durant towers over other small forwards on the court, and there’s a reason he can play either forward position — and sometimes even center. The 27-year-old is a monster. And if you need further evidence, Monday’s announcement of the 2016 Team USA Olympic men’s basketball roster should put any doubts to rest.

Durant and his 11 Olympic teammates took part in a quick team photoshoot after the announcement — a photoshoot in which Durant clearly stands taller than purported "big man" DeMarcus Cousins, who’s listed at 6-foot-11:

That’s KD in the No. 5 jersey, with Cousins wearing No. 12 next to him, and the height disparity couldn’t be any clearer.

Of course, Durant’s admitted to lying about his height in the past, mostly for basketball reasons. As recently as last month, KD still viewed himself as a small forward — and if you’re over 6-foot-9, you’re apparently a power forward in KD’s book (via Wall Street Journal):

There is at least one situation where Durant doesn’t mind fessing up to being a 7-footer, though: When he’s at the club, talking to women. Naturally.