Wade, sons in Trayvon Martin tribute

Sports figures have shown their support for Trayvon Martin and his family since the teen was killed last February. Now, Miami Heat standout Dwyane Wade is continuing that effort.

Wade posed with his sons for the cover of Ebony magazine’s September issue, with all three Wades wearing hooded sweatshirts. The hoodies are a nod to what Martin wore the night he was killed — a sign of support that the Heat and many others gave soon after Martin’s death last year.

Wade has spoken out about the divisive case in the past. George Zimmerman was acquitted in July of murder charges in Martin’s death — a verdict that only complicated the racially-charged situation.

Ebony’s September issue features an interview with Martin’s parents. It also includes an interview with Wade, as well as interviews with two other celebrities featured on the issue’s cover — Spike Lee and Boris Kodjoe. According to the Huffington Post, the interviews tackle how each man discusses racism with his children.

Here’s a look at the covering featuring Wade and his sons: