Scene outside LeBron’s home grows wilder, includes cops & traffic accident

As the basketball world grows in anticipation for LeBron James to announce where he will be playing basketball the next few seasons, no place is as consumed with LeBron fever as the street on which he lives in Ohio.

As the days have dragged on, the crowds in Bath Township have grown, apparently hoping that being on the same Google Maps screen as The King’s palace will give the Cavaliers a better shot at landing the free agent and, four years ago, Public Enemy No. 1 in Cleveland and its surrounding areas.

But the crowds may have gotten a little out of hand on Thursday, as James’ camp confirmed he was done meeting with teams and all that remained was for him to make a decision — again.

Police working crowd control, cameras everywhere, neighbors hosting parties, even a sightseeing-induced traffic accident — we had it all on Thursday.

And a lot of it was due to reports that an announcement on LeBron’s future was eminent:

Here’s that accident:

And here are more people . . . and cops:

Finally, LeBron’s lawn — yes, his lawn — had had enough.

As for James himself?

Well, he was hanging out in Vegas, of course. Not with his people of Ohio.

And they shouldn’t be expecting him anytime, soon.