Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas: Floyd Mayweather bought me a Bentley

Floyd Mayweather is always around the NBA, but who knew he was so generous with a pro basketball pal?

Mark J. Terrill/AP

Floyd Mayweather loves himself some basketball, and, apparently, he’s forged a friendship with Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics.

If you think this is a strange relationship, you’re probably right, because Floyd does weird things, like buying people cars for no reason, as explained at CBS Boston

The Celtics point guard has been friends with Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the last five years, ever since Thomas attended one of Mayweather’s workouts in Las Vegas. Mayweather is a big hoop head, so the two bonded immediately.

“We went to a Robin Thicke concert later that night, and since then, we’ve talked almost every day,” Thomas told The Boston Herald of his friendship with Mayweather.

No, a Robin Thicke concert is nothing to write home about. But what about a nice new car? Better yet, how about a $200,000 Bentley? That’s exactly what Mayweather gifted to Thomas in February.

“He’s given me a few gifts before, nice ones, but that one was unbelievable. It had everyone in the NBA talking,” Thomas said. “Every team we played after that, guys would come up to me (and ask), ‘Where’s the Bentley, does Floyd got something good for me?’ It surprised everybody.”

Of course, Robin Thicke is somehow involved in this. Actually, isn’t that a bigger story than this friendship or the car? That Floyd Mayweather and Isaiah Thomas love rocking out to "Blurred Lines" together?

Mayweather has always had ties to the NBA. A Vegas resident, Floyd is constantly showing off basketball-related bets, like when he wagered almost $6 million on the Miami Heat before a 2013 Finals game. (He won that bet, by the by.) He’s been rumored to have made eight-figure Super Bowl bets, and only the basketball gods know what he’s up to when he sits first row for game after game at Las Vegas Summer League every July.

So, if he really does value I.T. as a buddy, what’s a $200,000 car to Floyd? It’s only about 3 percent of an NBA Finals bet.