John Force transported to hospital after horrific wreck | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

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John Force was conscious and alert but transported to a local hospital after a horrific Funny Car wreck involving Jonnie Lindberg.

COMMENTATOR: Oh. Hold on. Thank goodness it comes to a stop finally. As John Force exploded a car, that put him in the path of Jonnie Lindberg. And from that moment forward and for a long time, simply hold on tight. Good to see some arms flailing underneath the parachute that looks to be shrouded over the top of Jonnie Lindberg. Jonnie climbs out.

Meanwhile, they are attending to John Force right now. Tony Schumacher, I don't know how many times we've held our breath with you in these moments. Memphis comes to mind.

TONY SCHUMACHER: Yeah. That was uncomfortable. This-- this was a big explosion. You know, I couldn't tell if-- if he had any control after it blew off the ground. Because that was a big move. It come across and when it hit Lindberg's car, you know, it-- it-- when the piercers get tangled up, man, they're just wrapped up.

You've got all these monsters with no bodies on them now, just pulling each other around with absolutely no control. But you know, just want to see some movement from John here.

COMMENTATOR: No reason for any speculation. We're going to step away. Let the men and women of the NHRA Safety Safari, our first responders, do their due diligence. When we come back, we will update the conditions of both John Force and Jonnie Lindberg, following a very scary funny car incident, round two in Arizona.

Conscious and alert, the NHRA Safety Safari, did take a lengthy amount of time making sure we got the 60 time champ out. He's being transported for observation to a local hospital. Here is why that is. John Force, right side, big explosion. And from there, Tony, [INAUDIBLE] you just got to ride this one out.

TONY SCHUMACHER: With John's hanging on, he's collected Jonnie Lindberg, grabbed a hold of his parachutes. And John's getting really beat around. Now there are a lot of safety measures in that chassis. There's a form fitted seat. But the damage starts early. Take a look at that raw fuel coming out of the pipe right at the step-- the second one went out.

Now, what John did in the seat was not anything that any other driver wouldn't have done. Take a look at this, raw fuel. On the other side, it was a V8 that was transformed into a V6. Now, that puts a lot of stress internally on the parts. Now what happened was, when the engine blew up the concussion was so big that it turns the car and repositions it. And that is the reason that it goes into Jonnie Lindberg's lane.

COMMENTATOR: Courtney very concerned, Brittany as well. The top end, they were there as the NHRA Safety Safari was extricating John. Don Schumacher, a lot of concern. After all, he is funny cars' winningest guy and he's the reason the category is what it is today.