Full highlights from the soaking wet 2017 WEC 6 Hours of Fuji

FIA World Endurance Championship: Check out all the highlights from an action-packed, and very rainy 6 Hours of Fuji that saw Toyota finish 1-2 on it's home turf.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: It was wet in practice, and qualifying race day dawned wet at Fuji as well. Weather always likely to be a factor. How much of a factor, nobody really knew.

Patrick Dempsey was here supporting breast cancer awareness with his team, and he flagged the field away behind the safety car. Four laps of safety car, a slow zone on the straight, and then let slip the dogs of war.

Porsche first and second on the grid. Toyota with work to do. [INAUDIBLE] PK spun in the very first corner. Everybody behind facing oncoming headlights.

Number eight, Toyota with work to do, started immediately. Sebastian Buemi going around Andre Lotterer. Porsche driver trying not to concede the place. There was contact. Lotterer lost a dive plane. Sebastion Buemi fortunately-- he had to fight a wiggle on the curbs-- lost nothing.

First red flag flew because of fog, and the cars were stopped on the pit straight. We restarted around 40 minutes later, and again the slow zone on the front straight to stop too many incidents. Hard day for race control, for the marshals, for the officials, for the drivers, the team strategists.

But as the weather continued to get wetter and drier, the balance of power swung more often in the favor of Toyota than of Porsche. Seems the wetter it was, the better to the Toyota's fared. Nick Tandy in the number one car, after number two had gone a lap down, hanging on to the lead ahead of the Toyota's.

One of the restarts [INAUDIBLE] between Jean-Eric Vergne and Mathias Beche. Beche then miscalculating in traffic three quarters later, leading to a big crash, one of only two cars not to finish the race.

Andy Priaulx trying to unlap himself in a 67 Ford after penalty, tagging the leader of the GTE-Pro class into a spin. He would then suffer a big accident at the end of the straight.

Behind the safety car again. Pit stops--

Number seven Toyota getting in front of the number one Porsche. Number eight car in front moved for victory, as it turned out, in the GT Pro class. James Calado in his first into the Ferrari, sliding across the nose of Fred Makowiecki to claim the lead.

As the Senior Tech car moved up to second place just before the red flag in LMP2. The 31 Rebellion led all the way through.

A win for the 54 Spirit to race Ferrari in the GTE-Am class by about half a second. 51 Ferrari about a similar amount ahead in the GTE-Pro category. Always in front, barring the odd pit stop, the number 31 rebellion had LMP2 locked down. Julien Canal didn't even drive.

And the number eight Toyota claimed victory, leading a Toyota 1-2 at home in Japan.

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