FOX MLB Crew analyzes Cody Bellinger’s big hits in Game 4

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Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Frank Thomas and Keith Hernandez join Kevin Burkhardt to discuss Cody Bellinger's big hits in Game 4, as well as Ken Giles' struggles in the postseason.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Well, the crowd is still wild. But there's some blue injected into all [INAUDIBLE]


KEVIN BURKHARDT: That's what happens when you get a big win for your team from LA.

Welcome. Once again, here with the guys, Frank Thomas, Keith Hernandez, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez. I'm Kevin Burkhardt.

So we spent a lot of the pregame show talking about Cody Bellinger. And we talked about him going the opposite way, Frank Thomas, just like George Springer. You all said you wouldn't move him in the lineup. But you know what? He listened to you guys.

- The Dodgers followed the blueprint tonight. Alex Wood stellar. Five and 2/3, one hit and one run.

Cody Bellinger is their biggest star they need to get going. He went to the opposite field. He changed up a little bit. Big game for that kid. Very nice for the Dodgers tonight, because this kid is special. And they follow his lead, just like Houston's been following George Springer's lead.

KEITH HERNANDEZ: You notice on that swing how he stayed level? Not that big launch angle on that swing at all. Just a base hit was needed. That was the big hit right there, obviously.

- It's unbelievable how good hitters, the minute they put a good swing on the ball, they fix all them holes once they're hitting and when they are struggling.

Look at-- he just hit that one breaking ball, back door breaking ball, opposite field, and then look at his next at bat. It's unbelievable.

- First of all, what an incredible night. How much fun.


- These fans were incredible. Just great baseball.

But we talked about this 22-year-old stud being young enough to be a senior at UCLA. Well, tonight he graduated cum laude.

But in all seriousness, Keith, the toughness, the character, at this stage, to make that type of adjustment after two-- four strikeouts, phenomenal make up.

- And for a 22-year-old, too, in his first World Series appearance. Pretty stellar.

KEVIN BURKHARDT: Keep in mind, he came in today in the World Series 0-for-11 with seven strikeouts. He had a four-strikeout game yesterday. Quite the turnaround.

I'm going to make you guys look good, too. Because going back to the pregame show, we talked about Ken Giles and the trust level. And you said--

- Oh, my god.

- --you said, I would not go back to him.

- Oh.

- And he has-- it's amazing. Because he had a very good regular season. But in this postseason, Ken Giles, seven and 2/3 innings, 12 hits, five walks, 10 runs, and he gave it up tonight.

- In a short series, first of all, he's got great stuff, and he's got-- [INAUDIBLE] stuff up. We've talked about that.

But in a short series, you can't afford to get somebody hot. You got to go with that hot hand. What got AJ a golden star tonight, not so much.

- You're right, A-Rod. It's just amazing. It's amazing how a guy that is so good in the regular season, as the pitcher, struggled that bad during the postseason.

I mean, you are the closer of the Houston Astros. You expect-- OK, so anybody can struggle. But you expect somebody like him that is so [INAUDIBLE] in the regular season to bounce back and help his ball club to hold that offense down. But I got to give you that, buddy.

- We got ourselves a series!

- We're right! Yeah--

- We do.

- --exactly. The closers having a tough time--

- Give me some [INAUDIBLE] numbers.

- --in this series. And--

- I play them.

- --we are all even at 2.